To make things easier (for me and readers too) and to have every story I've ever written on one website instead of several, all of my books from January 2017 onward are now written by me under my one new and main pen name Rosemary Ravenblack. I write in multiple genres and I write just about every kind of different story imaginable because I love variety and I create many worlds, characters and scenarios to entertain many different readers all over the world. My work is in e-book and some (all will be in time) in paperback format too.
Here are my former pen names. Click on each one to see what I've written under them in the past:
A.K. Morgan - Paranormal, crime thrillers, comedy
Goddess Pleasure - Steamy erotica
Virginia Grafenberg - Comedy erotica
Rosemary Quill - Mild, tame (non-erotic) pure romance


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