Born in Wales and now residing in England, I'm a British writer and author of erotica, science fiction, thrillers, comedy and bizarro books. In addition to this, I'm also a psychic medium, a Reiki healer and am qualified in Level 3 of Swedish massage too.  So I've been busy!


Regarding writing, I'm very grateful and delighted to be blessed with a limitless and vivid imagination, (much to my English teacher's delight who used to take my tales home to read in her spare time) I was reading a newspaper at the age of seven and I began writing stories not long afterwards. I was strongly encouraged by my mother to persist and to pursue writing on a professional level for the rest of my life. I wish I'd listened to her because I didn't begin until I was in my late forties! But, maybe I was meant to write later on in life because as the decades pass by you accumulate a lot of life experience, knowledge and very useful skills that can assist you as a writer so much in the future.

Since 2012 I have taught myself countless abilities such as: how to set up and design my own websites, how to produce quality-written books and to take immense pride in what I create for readers' enjoyment and never settling for less than giving my very best, how to develop the patience of a saint and discipline to format, edit and proofread lengthy works and to develop intense levels of concentration and dedication to them until they're completed. So yes, I'm a perfectionist, dedicated, very ambitious, and very organised.

I've also learned how to design my own book covers and to make each one stand out, depending on what genre I write in (they are all different, even the font style, colours, and so on), how to write and format text differently for production of a paperback compared to an e-book (the layout and look is different), how to market and promote my work, how to learn from constructive and helpful criticism and improve to become a better writer for readers.


I've learned from making so many mistakes to not make them as much anymore; and when I do make mistakes (none of us are perfect) I no longer beat myself up about it; I correct them, move on and stay positive. I've learned how to be flexible, adaptable and to always be prepared to shift my focus from one type of story or genre to another, for different reasons. I've learned so very much and by walking through the fires of Hell (figuratively speaking, not literal), it has taught me to grow a ton of strength of character, a thick skin and to view things from a long-term basis, rather than wanting everything right now (the haunted Gothic castle will have to wait). I'm not a special snowflake and I cannot please every reader on this planet (I do try though!) because we are all different and we each enjoy reading different things and I don't think that I'm the best writer in the world and am humble enough to see that, but I've been told by publishers and other authors too that my writing is very good, proofread and spellchecked and I'm a good storyteller, so that's great to know! But no, I'm not Shakespeare or a famous author and I'm fine with that because I'm down to earth, friendly and approachable and am so not up my own ass and egotistical at all and my close friends and family agree with that. I have glowing five-star reviews, four, three, two and one and appreciate readers taking the time to voice their opinions, because we all have them and have a right to have them, and I'm very happy that I please lots of readers worldwide because I write to entertain many people.


After many moments of self-doubt, tears, frustration and anguish I have learned one of the most important lessons in life which is to never, ever give up in the face of the most enormous of obstacles but rather, remove them from my path and to do my very best to be a master storyteller. I've learned that the greatest joy that I feel in my life - next to having loved ones in it - is to never be afraid to share my characters, wonderful worlds and fun and interesting storylines with complete strangers all over the world. I have overcome, mastered, conquered and learned many more amazing things too, and I continue to do so every single day. I love the journey more than getting to my destination and, after working in so many jobs over the decades, they never fulfilled me quite like writing does or ever made me feel this happy because what makes me truly at peace in my life is creating something magical and thrilling for readers and making their day brighter and better. And I feel so humble and thankful to be able to do this for people all over the world. I'm also a psychic, medium, a healer. I'm also a retired bisexual erotic dominatrix with many, many skills. I was sensual rather than into the pain side of it which never appealed to me at all because I'm too soft, caring and affectionate, and a very nice person; evident with me sometimes cooking ex-clients a meal after session and listening to their life stories as they chatted away and feeling very comfortable and at ease around me. Hmm, maybe I should have become a psychotherapist counsellor instead!


Thank you for reading. Have a great day as you find enjoyable escapism through my work. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

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